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Jackson Spalding
Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals

"Deborah has consulted with my company Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals, for over two years. We began our working relationship when I asked her to write a marketing plan for me. The result was more than I was anticipating and has given me a framework to incorporate her creative ideas into a workable plan that I could implement as my budget allowed. She has given Shore Dreams national exposure in both magazines and social media, and has plans for more. We have subsequently doubled the number of properties that we represent and our occupancy has increased by 30%. Deborah is smart, easy to work with, dependable and extremely knowledgeable. She is sensitive to my budget constraints and always comes up with creative solutions to fit my needs. She is multi-talented and Shore Dreams and I have utilized her skills for numerous projects. Whether she is designing, decorating, advertising, managing special events and PR projects, or strategizing and budgeting, she is my “go-to” person for all things creative. She has an honorable work ethic and I highly recommend her for marketing, art/photography, design and writing projects." Renata-Circeo Loudon, Owner/CEO–Shore Dreams Vacation Rentals

"Deborah is a seasoned marketing professional with significant experience in writing, public relations, advertising, sales and customer care. Her friendly, collegial nature and natural leadership skills have led her to win recognition and respect from her colleagues and those to whom she mentors. She is a person of high integrity who sets high standards for herself and her teams. Wherever Deborah is involved she is a true asset!" Caroline Duffy, Founding Partner–Senior Account Lead, Jackson Spalding

"It is my great pleasure and honor to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Deborah Thompson. I have known Deborah on a personal and professional level for the past ten years. As a leader, she is fearless and inspiring by approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new and creative perspective. As a writer, she is inquisitive and clever by creating insightful revelations for her readers. As a person, she sets the standard for having superior character and compassion by investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others. I endorse her with full confidence and enthusiasm." Maria Toth, Consultant–Toth Training and Design

"Deborah goes beyond the call of whatever task is given with real professionalism. She articulates her message in a way that communicates her story to all with passion. Her creative expression always stands out above others.”  Theresa Wiggins--National Conference Director--Jennifer Rothschild, Inc.

Toth Training and Design
Jennifer Rothschild, Inc.

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